Basalt Rock - Wool

Basalt Rock wool belongs to mineral wool family. These products are manufactured by melting basalt rock and converted to fibers by spinning action. This is also known as Stone Wool. Since these products are manufactured from basalt rock, the natural powers of rock are carried along with the fibers to these products and posses very high performance capabilities. Basalt Rock wool products are best suitable for Thermal, Acoustic and Fire protection applications.

We at Aadit, have chosen some of the best manufacturers from across the globe who manufacture these products with high end technologies and maintain world class quality standards. We maintain the stocks of these products at our warehouse as well as deliver bulk quantities directly from manufacturers to projects sites.

Our product rages are :

Resin Bonded Slabs - These slabs are used in building insulation as well as industrial equipment insulation applications.

Density range - 40 Kg/m3, 48 Kg/m3, 50 Kg/m3, 60 Kg/m3, 64 Kg/m3, 80 Kg/m3, 96 Kg/m3, 100 Kg/m3, 120 Kg/m3,144 Kg/m3

Slabs for OEMs - These are specially manufactured slabs which has excellent mechanical strengths and are widely being used as a core in Sandwich panels, fire doors, acoustic barriers / panels, ETICS etc.

Density Range - 60 Kg/m3, 64 Kg/m3, 80 Kg/m3, 96 Kg/m3, 100 Kg/m3, 120 Kg/m3, 125 Kg/m3, 150 Kg/m, 160 Kg/m3,

175 Kg/m3, 200 Kg/m3.


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